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Fathers Love

By Bobbyonah Dec 16, 2010 532 Words
A Father’s Love
A young man who goes by the name of Chris was getting ready to graduate from college at the University of Arizona. For many months, he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer’s showroom, John Dean was the dealer’s name, and he knew his father could afford it. Chris was twenty-four years old when he was graduating from college, he had a old beaten up; car so he begged and begged his father to get the car he wanted. He told his father, “That’s all I have ever wanted.” As graduation day came, Chris was waiting for signs that his father purchased the car. Then, on that morning of his graduation, his father called him into a private study. His father’s private study is just him and his father where they discuss about the Bible and there daily problems in life. His father was so happy to have such a fine son. He told him how much he loved him and how proud he was for him .Chris’s heart filled with excitement when his father handed him a beautifully wrapped gift box. He was curious, but he was also somewhat disappointed; he opened the box, and inside he found a beautiful Bible that had his name embossed in gold across the cover. Chris was angry and somewhat sad and he shouted “With all that money you have you bought me a Bible!” Chris stormed out of his father’s house, leaving the Bible behind and his father heartbroken. Many years passed. Chris was a successful man in business he sold cars, houses, and R.V’s. He had a beautiful home, because of his job. He had a great family, a beautiful wife and two sons, but he realized something was missing his father. His father was very old and he thought to go see him, but before he could make arrangements, he received a telephone call saying that his father passed away, and in his will, he gave everything to him. Chris filled with guilt immediately rushed to his father’s home to take care of things. When Chris arrived at his father’s house, he felt sudden sadness and his heart filled with guilt. He began to search through his father’s important papers to see what the hospital would need so that the insurance could pay the bills for everything, but he came across the Bible that his father bought him a long time ago on his graduation. The Bible was still there how he left it years ago on the same table, on top of the same books. In tears, Chris opened the Bible to look through the pages, and as he did a key fell from the back of the Bible. It had the tag with the dealer’s name John Dean. He was the same dealer who had the sports car he desired and begged to have. As he stood there in silence, Chris picked up the key and threw it across the room. The date of the tag was the date of his graduation day and had words saying “Paid in Full.”

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