Fathers: Family and Father

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Fathers are supposed to be your body guard, best friend, teacher, and parent all rolled into one. The ones that inspire you to be great in everything you do, give you individualized attention, love and respect. Having a relationship with your father usually helps influence the daughter on what they want in a relationship with other men. I never had the fairytale relationship with any of my father figures; because they never seemed to stay or meet what I thought was a father figure. There seems to be several different views on the relationships of fathers and daughters. It seems to be a special privilege to grow up with a father, for I never had a special relationship with any of the four men who were supposed to be a Father. There are so many fairytales that help you to see what a father figure would be. For most relationships between father and daughters the daughters feel special, and safe. The father is there all the time caring and supportive no matter what direction the daughter may be choosing to go. Father’s relationships with their daughters are usually one of courage and protectiveness for their daughter is precious like a glass doll. Fathers are strong role models for their daughters, one where they can protect them from anything that may want to hurt them. They teach their daughters how to be strong like an ox, and to stay determined so that she may always succeed. Even when punishing their daughters they always seem to be looking out for their best interest. They help their daughters view the world differently than others, by showing them that everyone has their own opinion allowing them to grow. However, within my life I have never had a father that is described above. I have gone through about three dads and two others that almost became dads to me. My relationship with fathers is limited to just have someone there more like a shadow than a person. They weren’t always caring and supportive. I felt like I was more of a burden...
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