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Everybody has heard a story or two of inner-city children whose father’s are imprisoned and their mother’s are left to take care of them. It is even commonly used as an excuse for a disobedient child. Within these stories, many times do we see criminal activity coming from the children because they lack a “role model”, within their household. The children are usually given a bad rap before they’re even old enough to make their own decisions and many times would be expected to end up like their father, however this is not so in my case.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great childhood, however at age 15, my father’s boss became involved in criminal activity resulting in my fathers jailing. My father was never a well-educated man, dropping out of college after two years. He was a people person, and one of the nicest men I’ve ever run into. He worked very hard to support my mother and elder sister before I was born by working two jobs for 15 or so years. My father finally caught a break when I was around 12 years old after going to school for realty. He was offered a good, high paying, stable job and things started taking off for my family. Obviously he took the job and everything seemed to be working out until the boss was accused of his criminal activities. The boss ran a ponsi scheme and ended up having $60 million in spending money and leaving over 100 families with nothing at all. He screwed everyone in his company and the community surrounding the business, including my father. I have faith in my father, that he was clean, because in reality he received no benefits at all from this scheme. There wasn’t steak and potatoes on the table every night, I still lived in a crappy urban apartment, I still drove my forest green 98 Montero Sport, which might I add, isn’t much of a looker. So again, my father was out of work and searching for a job to support my family. After two very hard years of job searching he found a profession as a limo driver. Since...
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