Father and Son Relationship

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Smell Triggers Memory

English 2
29 April 2011

People around the world believe that sight, touch, hearing or taste is the strongest of all senses to trigger back someone’s memory. I say that smell is the sense that is best at bringing back memories. Smell can bring a flood amount of memories to someone’s brain and also lots of emotions. This sense is a very powerful memory trigger because the olfactory nerve is located very close to the amygalda and the area of the brain that is connected to the experience of emotion. The nose feeds directly into the brain, without going through the same filtering that sight, touch, hearing and taste do.

Through out my life I have experienced smell to trigger back many memories and bring me back to certain moments in my life many times. Every time I will smell a specific scent I am suddenly drawn back to a moment in my life where my mind seems to think I last smelled that scent. For example: Freshly cut grass reminds me of playing baseball with my friends in the park over the summer. Also blown out candles remind of my past birthday parties as a very young child. If it was not for sight or hearing I would honestly feel as if I was at that same moment again.

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When smell triggers memory it also affects your emotions. Smell is hardwired to the brains emotional center. The wiring into the emotional and memory centers of the brain also empowers odors to trigger memory. Many senses get me in many different types of moods. For example: The smell of old spice reminds me of my grandfather and knowing that he had passed away gets me in a very depressing mood. Also the smell of suntan lotion reminds me of sunny summer days and gets me in great mood feeling as if I am in the beach.

More than sight, sound and touch, smell is the sense most linked to both memory and emotion. Scientist say that smell is the most important scent to survival. Just think of a blind stray cat by itself trying to remember the...
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