Father and Son

Topics: Family, Difference, Father Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: May 7, 2014
Anthony Melero
Father and Son
In some, probably most storylines that you might compare there will be similarities and differences. That’s just how it works, but you will rarely get those two or more storylines that you decide to compare that have absolutely nothing in common and are completely different. Most of the time that won’t happen but it is definitely a possibility. In this case of comparison, between the novel “Father and Son,” by Larry Brown and the movie “Shotgun Stories,” by director and writer Jeff Nichols, there are many similarities and differences. You could even say more similarities than differences and you wouldn’t be mistaken. Between those two storylines there are many similarities and differences in the plot, their characters, and in the setting. The plot within the two stories, “Father and Son” and “Shotgun Stories,” has many similarities and differences. There are many more similarities that occur between these two stories than do differences. For example in both of these stories there is death. Death seems to be one of the biggest driving points in both of these stories. In Shotgun Stories death is definitely what pushes the characters along the most. Especially when Kid kills Mark Hayes, and right after Steven Hayes kills Kid right after that (Shotgun Stories). That’s when each side of the familes really started to clash because of the burning revenge they had against each other, obviously, because of the deaths of each sides family members. As in father and son death pushes the characters along as well. Death is just a common thing in dark stories that always aids in setting up and driving the story. In Father and Son death actually only really pushes one character, and his name is Glen. He is the real driving force of the story, and death, or killing is what drives him the most. The act of killing or doing something terrible is as they call it, the fuel to his fire, it keeps him going. You can actually tell by the way he...
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