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It is amazing how much one can change with just a little help from a person. This influential person did not point out how to change my life, nor did he impose the change upon me. He simply inspired me, and for that, I admire him. His introverted presence in my teenage years has established a stronghold for my future which has led me to become independent. His advice is directly related to his history and experiences, and it has been with this which he has taught me discipline throughout my life. It is an honor to have such a father.

My father and I share the same birth place, but totally different upbringings. His childhood was dominated by my grandfather's poverty which nearly inhibited his formal education. If it was not for his prioritized ambition, his fate would be similar to his four brothers: fastened to the lower middle class tier in a third world country. He educated himself up the social ladder across the Pacific and into America. His persistence is awe-inspiring, but more so is his retention. He literally taught me everything he knew, and that is what I idolize about him.

To my father, grades are everything. I still recollect the expensive summer grade books he bought in hope I would learn the next grade's material before hand, the long hours during weekends we sat on hard wood floors practicing mathematics, and watching our favorite nature shows on Discovery. The greatest influence was his bitter, unyielding tutoring. I always resisted it, and despised it, but now I am grateful. Through fifty problems a day, he taught me algebra, physics, patience, and zeal. My priceless time with my father has laid my academic foundation and to my passions of science and mathematics.

As I grew older, he became less involved with my education. With this independence I have started to peruse other curiosities, such as creating music, enrolling in science fair, and founding an environmental club. Though he has never bluntly rejected any pursuing interests...
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