Fate in Return of the Native..

Topics: The Return of the Native, The Glove, The Missing Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Topic Tracking: Fate
Fate 1: By chance, Captain Vye and the reddleman, Diggory Venn, walk on the same road. Captain Vye suspects that Thomasin Yeobright is in Venn's wagon, and unmarried. He will later tell his granddaughter, Eustacia, that Thomasin and Wildeve are not married.

Fate 2: It is a combination of fate and scheming that brings Eustacia and Clym together. Eustacia hears from Charley that the Christmas mummers will be performing at the Yeobrights', and she schemes to meet Clym by performing as a mummer.

Fate 3: Clym also takes advantage of fate to meet Eustacia. He learns from Sam that Captain Vye's bucket has fallen and that the heath-men are convening to fetch his bucket. Clym joins the rescue team so that he might meet Eustacia.

Fate 4: By chance, Venn is at the inn when Christian tells Wildeve and the other heath-men that he has Thomasin's and Clym's money. Venn will later win the money back from Wildeve after Wildeve ruthlessly gambles against the naïve heath-boy.

Fate 5: Venn sees Wildeve and Eustacia together. When he asks Thomasin where her husband is, she answers that he's left to buy a horse. Venn tells Thomasin that he saw her husband leading a beauty, but he means he saw Wildeve with Eustacia. Venn suspects that Wildeve might be seeing Eustacia.

Fate 6: It is fate that both Wildeve and Mrs. Yeobright call on Clym and Eustacia at the same time, and it is fate that Clym is asleep when the visitors call. Mrs. Yeobright believes that Eustacia ignores her for her other visitor, Mrs. Yeobright believes that her son has cast her off, and Eustacia believes that Clym will awaken and let his mother in.

Fate 7: Clym dreams that his mother is crying for him to help her inside her house, but in the dream, she cannot allow him in her house. His dream makes him resolve to reconcile with his mother, but it also symbolizes the trouble and turmoil his mother really is in. Clym's dream comes too late, for he never gets the chance to...
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