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Christopher Ramirez
T.A. Christine
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The company I am going to go over is Fatburger. Fatburger was founded by Lovie Yancey, who had owned a small restaurant in Tucson. Fatburger was originally founded in 1947, but was founded under the name “Mr. Fatburger”. In 1952, Yancey decided to fire her other two partners who started the business with her, due to this she took out the “Mr.” out of the restaurant and became just “Fatburger”. She used to term “fat” because during this time fat was described by the size of the burger, not what was in it. Fatburger might not be as cheap as other competition, but the taste on these burgers is outstanding. The company now operates about ninety different locations. Fatburger is known for the signature one-third pound burger known as the “Fatburger”. They also offer a one-eight pound “Baby Fatburger” and the bigger size half pound “Kingburger”. The best part of this restaurant, that separates it from its competition, is that the burgers can be ordered fried or flame grilled, depending on the customer. They also offer their customers a choice of having skinny fries, fat fries, or even onion rings. This food stand is mostly popular throughout the West Coast. It started out in California and is spreading all the way to China. All kinds of ethnic groups as well as all ages eat at Fatburger, especially now that they added the “Baby Fatburger” to the menu. Now parents can go grab a “Fatburger” or “Kingburger” and get a “Baby Fatburger” for their children because the other two are too big for small children. Fatburger’s biggest competitor is In-N-Out Burger. When they brought out the “Baby Fatburger”, which is the same price and size as the basic hamburger in In-N-Out Burger. So far the “Baby Fatburger” has been selling well, and that is that it has not been widely advertised. The rest of their competition are: Del Taco, McDonalds, American Dairy Queen, Arby’s, Burger King,...

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