Fat Sam and Cadillac Joe

Topics: Pelvis, Skull, Pubis Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Fat Sam and Cadillac Joe There was a mobster named Fat Sam and his partners; "Funky Don" Parsons, Howard "Big Bill Bass and Pat Willey had spotted a right ulna of a human arm. After a couple of hours of digging Bill Bass and other men had found two thoracic vertebrae, fifteen teeth, four fragments of an They had decided to kidnap a man named Monty Hudson and his wife Liz Hudson. Not only did he kidnap them, but Monty Hudson was killed. Monty Hudson and his wife Liz Hudson, who was six months pregnant at the time, were kidnapped in broad daylight at gun point at the hotel, Holiday Inn by three men. They left in two different cars. One car Liz wastaken in and the other car, which just so happened to be his own car, Monty was taken in. Liz was released a couple days later in Nashville. Liz Hudson was very uncooperative, hoping that if she would not say anything that they would not kill Monty. Liz had told the FBI that the kidnapping had been a simple misunderstanding and that Monty had left on a business trip. She could not tell them when he would be back or where he was at. About five months or so went by and investigators got a tip about Monty. According to an informant, Monty was in a shallow grave some seventy-five miles south of Nashville, on a farm near the Alabama border in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. By 1980, Fat Sam already had a bad record for counterfeiting , money laundering, marijuana farming, drug distribution, and trafficking in stolen property. When Fat Sam got indicted for counterfeiting, his partners knew they were not far behind. Earl Carroll, figuring he would be the first to snitch, would get the best deal. Carroll offered to tell about Fat Sam's crimes, including the kidnapping and murder of Monty Hudson. Carroll went on to tell about how Monty Hudson was a con man whose nickname was, Cadilllac Joe, because he had a thing for stealing...
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