Fastcat’s Competitive Position

Topics: Marketing, Job description, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1098 words) Published: April 28, 2012
4. FastCat’s Competitive Position
5.1. Select Benchmarks and Survey
When benchmarking the job, we have divided all job title into four categories: 1.) Administration
Office Support 1(Data Processor), 3(Administrative Assistant) and 4(Administrative II)

2.) Marketing
Marketer 1(Marketing Support), 2(Field Marketing Rep), 3(Business Solutions Consultant) and 4(Technical Marketing Consultant) Marketing Manager 1(Business Account Leader) and 3(Visionary Champion)

3.) Technical
Technician 2(Technical Analyst A), 3(Technical Analyst B) and 4(Senior Technician)

4.) Engineering
Engineer 1(Usability Engineer), 2(Software Interface Designer), 4(Software User Interface Architect) and 5 (Senior Fellow) Engineering Manager 2 (Project Manager)

We benchmark jobs base on the following criteria: Roles and responsibilities, Year of working experience and competencies described in JD. For example, the entry level job – “Office Support 1” , it performs clerical, routine works and works under close supervision which is similar to Office Aide’s job description (clerical support duties, keep supervisor informed, e.t.c.). Other example, “Engineer 4” performs program design, development and analyst, 4 to 6 related experience is required, which is highly similar to Software User Interface Architect (Minimum 6 years experience in related software program ), so we benchmarck this job with “Engineer 4”. In FastCat Job Descriptions, we have note selected “Massage Therapist” which is not related to FastCat’s industry and there is no any JD fit to FastCat job.

5.2.1. Relevant Markets of FastCat
We set update percentage at 4.6% of survey data as they are already six months old and for ealiest convenience in projection into the future.

For pay forms of FastCat, we emphasize on Base Pay (occupy 77%) as our top priority, and then Benefits (occupy 15%), Bonus (occupy 5%) and Merit (occupy 3%). We sustain employees’ base pay at a appropriate level but not...
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