Fast Foods

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Hello. today I am going to talk about eating fast foods and how it is bad for your body. I want to start off by asking yall a question. How many of ya’ll eat fast food at least once a week? Ok, How many of you eat it at least twice a week if not more?

Americans have begun to eat more fast food because the way in which it is marketed; it’s cheap, convenient, finger-food, and it tastes good. Eating is one of the pleasures of life, although it can be bad for your health when eating fast foods, which are high in saturated fats, refined sugars, calories, and sodium. The dangers of fast food cannot be understated as the world's population is increasingly becoming overweight. Fast Foods can also lead to diseases such as obesity, stroke, and cancer. Why would anyone want these things to happen to them?

By fast food, I’m not just talking about products that are processed and pre-prepared so that they can be cooked fast and handed over to the customer within a matter of minutes. I’m also including a lot of stuff that you buy at your local super market that you can pop into the microwave. Convenience foods are just as equally as bad for you as fast food.

Foods that are processed and made into what can best be described as ready meals often contain few if any nutritional ingredients. They are bulked out with pasta, breadcrumbs, corn flour, processed potato, processed egg and milk products, and plenty other things that you probably don’t want to hear about. Then made to taste good by the addition of herbs and spices, salt, monosodium and sugars. They also contain artificial colours and preservatives as well as some artificial flavorings just to complete the unhealthy package!

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According to Jaime Herndon, in her article “The Effects of Eating Fast Foods on the Body”, fast food is a significant contributor to obesity; it can lead to diseases, specifically Alzheimer’s disease and has negative effects on the brain as well. Another fact is...

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This article gives information about obesity and how people need to start watching what they eat. It also talks about how we can eat healthy.
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This article talks about obesity and how eating fast food can cause obesity. It talks about eating healthily.
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This article talks about obesity and children. There was a study done to see how many students eat fast food resturants and how many there were in their area.
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