Fast Food Restaurants Popularity

Topics: Food, Nutrition, Restaurant Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Fast food restaurants popularity
In the old days people used to eat healthy home-cooked meals together with their families. However today we can see that people, mainly young people prefer to eat outside their houses, or order from fast food restaurants, and this is due to the huge increase in popularity of fast food restaurants. This change is related to three main factors, such as the change in life, prices and good service, and finally the influence of publicity. One of the main reasons why fast food restaurants happen to be so popular is the change in life-style. Where nowadays people work for long hours, and both parents come home late from their work, children come late from schools, so it is difficult for them to divide their time between jobs and their responsibilities at home like cooking or finding time to prepare their food. This is why they rather go outside to eat instead of spending time on cooking. Sometimes teenagers like to hang-out at fast food joints with their friends to talk, do their homework, or watch a football match on TV, because almost every fast food diner has a TV screen in it. Another cause for fast restaurants popularity is that it is affordable and cheaper than other restaurants. Fast food restaurants offer many meals at very low prices which attracts more customers. For example a whole meal at burger king which is only 28 Riyals cost less than a 70 Riyals steak in Le Grill restaurant. As well as their speedy service system in food preparation where people do not have wait too long to get their food, because fast food is quick and easy to make. This makes it convenient for people to eat at fast food restaurants rather than spending a lot of money and time in a fancy restaurant. The last important factor why fast food restaurants are popular is marketing. Companies spend a lot of money on the way the restaurant looks, like building a playground for children to play and enjoy, or display advertisements in billboards, TV commercials,...
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