Fast Food Reality Check: the Detrimental Conquering of the American Children

Topics: Fast Food Nation, Fast food restaurant, Hamburger Pages: 4 (1626 words) Published: September 30, 2008
It is no question that the fast food industry has become one of the biggest epidemics to strike America. A person would find it nearly impossible to go anywhere in the United States today without seeing a billboard, bus stop or building with the name of a giant fast food company plastered to it. With the McDonalds Corporation leading the way, fast food has revolutionized how people all over the world eat and live. A controversial view that has been raised is that the corporations have gone too far in their attempts to sell their products. Going to extreme measures to popularize their business, fast food companies have taken over and contorted the American culture, especially in the lives of our youth. In this paper, I will discuss how the process through which the fast food industry targets children in their advertisements is unethical according to Kantian Ethics and should be done away with for the bettering of American life. Kant has a very strict interpretation of ethics and what is moral and immoral. He believes that if our only purpose and motivation in life is to find happiness, then we would only ever seek happiness and hope that it came to us. The trouble with this is that our own happiness is not completely within our power to attain; mainly, happiness is a matter of chance and luck. Kant firmly believes that it is only the motive behind the action that makes it moral or immoral. The result of the action or the action itself is irrelevant. In order for a fast food corporation to sell their product and make a profit, they first must gain the trust of the customers. Corporations such as McDonalds have done this by reaching the customers through an emotional appeal. By using promotional devices such as charities and play places, McDonalds has created a household name and a company that appears to be family-oriented. Kant would find this to be immoral for a number of reasons. He believes that the most moral acts are those derived from the...
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