Fast Food or Homemade Food

Topics: Vitamin, Nutrition, Vitamin A Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: September 6, 2011
Fast food or Home Made Food? Useful By Products

    Modern life is such that the power of useful products pushed aside. Business people accustomed to eating fast and satisfying, but, alas, often utterly unconcerned about the usefulness of a food for your body. It would seem that the poor can be a quick bite to eat smoked wings, instant soup or bun with a crispy crust. Quick, tasty and nutritious. The first two statements are really true, but that's nutritious - in question.

    Has long been the liver, heart, tongue, udder, the brain were considered useful products. Only in our time they were relegated to the category of sub-products and their nutritional value has been called into question. On them you can find information only in references or in fashion magazines that scare a man many problems after the use of a product. And is it true?

    Everyone take care of your skin, vision, immunity. And helping him in this vitamin A (retinol), which, as we know, is contained in the carrots. The daily requirement for vitamin A for humans is 5,000 units. Medium carrot contains about 20 thousand units, Bulgarian pepper - only 4 thousand units. But the 100 gr. beef liver contains 30 thousand units of retinol, which is an absolute record for this vitamin.

    B vitamins are responsible for the functioning of the heart, liver and kidneys. The best sources of vitamin this group - the right is the liver, kidneys, heart of cattle. Stewed heart contains vitamin B is ten times more than his lies in the meat. Vegetables and fruits do not contain this vitamin. Byproducts are rich not only vitamins but also minerals. Iron, copper and zinc - which just is not in them, and in an easily digestible form, so that the body needs of any modern humans.

    Ancient people, wanting to get the courage, strength, health, ate raw beef heart. Even the ancient physicians observed that the use of, for example, liver, liver disease leads to a speedy recovery. This was confirmed in...
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