Fast Food Nation Essay

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Fast Food Nation Essay

The food that we eat today is far different from what it was just a century ago.

The way we consume our food has changed more in this last 100 years than it has in the whole history of humanity. Food is what fuels your body, so in a sense, you are what you eat, but it goes deeper than that. It is very important to know where your food comes from. Within these last 100 years, we have become disconnected from the earth. About 99% of what we eat is grown packaged and sold by other people. Food no longer comes out of the ground and then goes directly into the body. There are now several steps in which food goes through. Many of these steps, while lowering the cost and making the food last longer, also compromise the nutrition value. Food companies have found ways to genetically modify food to make it bigger and taste better. While this may not sound like a bad thing, messing with nature is dangerous. These foods have evolved for thousands of years, and although we think we know a lot, we are deceptively ignorant in the greater scheme of things. The main goal of these innovation is to make food cheaper. It has gotten to the point that many people can’t afford to buy foods that haven't been processed and altered by humans. My family is fortunate enough to be able to afford local grass fead beaf, and fresh fruits and vendables, but this is not the case for the majority of Americans. Many Americans are not aware of this food crisis. It is very important to know where your food comes from, because you are what you eat and by eating a certain food, your also supporting It. This is why it’s important to know the impact that the food industry has on the country. !

After reading about the book “Fast Food Nation”, I learned that food companies

are not honest with their customers about where their food comes from. If I’m going to put something into my body, I wan’t to know where if comes from. I think that a lot of people know in the back...
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