Fast Food Joint in India

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Setting up a fast food joint in India
(Feasibility Report)

Prepared By:
MBA – International Business
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi


Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with low quality preparation and served to the customer in a packaged form for take-out/take-away.
Also, the term fast food was recognized by Merriam-Webster in 1951. Though an unhealthy option, fast foods can be prepared and served quickly and that is why it is a much preferred choice for those who want a quick grab of something to ease their hunger.
Outlets may be stands or kiosks, which may provide no shelter or seating, or fast food restaurants (also known as quick service restaurants). Franchise operations which are part of restaurant chains have standardized foodstuffs shipped to each restaurant from central locations.
The capital requirements involved in opening up a fast food restaurant are relatively low. Restaurants with much higher sit-in ratios, where customers tend to sit and have their orders brought to them in a seemingly more upscale atmosphere may be known in some areas as fast casual restaurants.

There is a vast difference in the buying habits and purchase decision making of the Indian consumers. I am trying to analyze the changing trends in the Indian consumer behaviours and will also undertake the price sensitivity analysis that is playing an important role in driving the growth in the Indian Fast Food Market.

My research will also provide comprehensive analysis on the various factors that are acting as catalyst for the growth in the Indian fast food market. The report will also gives an overview of the competitive landscape, in which leading industry players have been covered along with their business overview and strategies undertaken.

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