Fast Food Is Bad for You

Topics: Nutrition, Food, French fries Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 5, 2012
Iqra Razzak
Professor Stefaniak
Tuesday, April 23, 2012

“Despite its convenience and low cost, fast food contributes to diseases according to Dr. Steven Aldana.” The food in these fast food restaurants has been highly advertised so that we become helpless and it becomes a need for us to have, but we don’t realize that fast food can cause many harmful effects to our bodies rather than home cooked food. Homemade food is beneficial for us in many different ways for example, less calories, more time to spend with the family and healthy.

Most fast food entrees alone are packed with calories, ranging from about 200 calories to about 500.By contrast, if you eat a meal that is prepared at home with fresh products, it will only give you 312 calories in total. The meal contains less than half the calories of a small fast food meal. So the fewer calories you have they will be easy to burn off and you won’t become a victim of obesity. Also, you will get more nutrition from the home cooked meal and less “empty” calories. Eating fast food encourages people to eat on the go. In fast food restaurants, people are encouraged to eat quickly and then leave the premises or eat while doing something else. This can cause lack of appreciation for food and reduce time spent communicating with family members around a dinner table. People who eat quickly tend to consume calories mindlessly. This can easily lead to overeating and not watching while you’re eating because you’ll be busy doing something else. On the other hand if you intake a home cooked meal you know it’s healthy and are aware of the quality of the food. You won’t have to quickly eat and leave the dinner table. At home you will be surrounded by your loved ones and can spend more time with your family and offer thanks to God for all the blessings and the food that He has provided to you. In- taking fast foods all the time can cause a major change to your health in a harmful way. You will be filling...

Citations: Blake Hagen. “Why fast food is bad for you?” Livestrong. 2 Sept. 2011
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