fast food in america

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Throughout our nation, one of the many growing health problems is the increasing amount in society that are considered to be obese. Due to poor nutrition and food issues; America has seen a dramatic increase in obesity in the last two decades. The occurrence of obesity and obesity related diseases increased rapidly in the U.S. in the last two decas. At the same time, the number of fast food restaurants more than doubled over the same time period, while the number of other restaurants grew at a much slower pace according to The Centers for Disease Control (Ward-Smith ). In public debates over obesity, the widespread availability of fast food restaurants is an important determinant of the dramatic increases in obesity rates in adolences.Childhood obesity is a critical issue dealt with by many Americans today. Although the intake of fast food does not directly relate to obesity,the subtle increase in fast food restaurant establishments connect with the growth of obesity rates.

Fast food has often been blamed by many to be one of the major causes of obesity in United States (Liu ). In the past two decades, the production of fast-food organizations flourished.As a study in 2010 by Research & Reports In Endocrine Disorders , these restaurants serve more than 50 million people per day, generating millions of dollars in sales annually (Wimalawansa).Most fast-food restaurants, such as the popular McDonald’s, Wendy’s , and Burger King, serve pre-cooked frozen foods usually seared in hot oil.Only since obesity has become a nationwide issue have fast food restaurants changed their ways. Now, their French fries are fried in vegetable oil and healthier side options are available such as apples.Although the change in oil can reduce fat, the sodium and sugars obtained in meals easily trigger high blood pressure or diabetes.

While it is clear that fast food is generally unhealthy, it is not to be assumed that by decreasing availability of fast food restaurants a...
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