Fast Food Desserts: The Availability and Cost of Healthier Food Alternatives

Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Carlos Martinez
Prof. Ross MacKinney
February 17, 2013
Data Base Research Assignment
My topic for the informative speech is on fast food deserts. I would like to focus on what they cause and where they are commonly located. I used the HSU library because it already offers many articles on many topics and I assumed it would have some on my topic and it did. I found some very interesting article on my first search but I did do more than just one to find the ones I wanted. The one I found on my first search was this one here: Jetter, Karen M M. "The availability and cost of healthier food alternatives." American journal of preventive medicine 30.1 (2006): 38-44.

This article talks about how the higher income communities have better access to healthier food than the lower income communities. That being said it also mentions that the reason was obviously because they had more money to spend on healthier and expensive organic food. The quote that I might use it: “The average cost of the TFP is $194 for 2 weeks, and the cost of the healthier basket is $230.” This second source took me a bit longer to find since I had to tamper with the selections of full text and the time it was published to find it. I really was drawn to this source just from its title in particular at first. Then I got to reading it and it had a lot of information on where food deserts are primary located which were in lower income communities because they can’t afford and/or lack transportation to the healthier grocery stores. It also mentions that many food deserts lack nutrient rich food products and I am no doctor but a healthy person needs their nutrients to stay healthy or else they become obese. This second source was: Ploeg, Michele V. "Access to Affordable, Nutritious Food Is Limited in "Food Deserts."Amber waves 8.1 (2010): 20-27. This article mentions what causes food deserts to run and the type of environments they tend to rise up in. It also mentions what kind of foods they do...
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