Fast Food and Its Effects

Topics: Food, Cooking, A Great Way to Care Pages: 1 (488 words) Published: September 23, 2009
In our house food means many things. However the ones that mean the most to us are family, home, and happiness. Each one of these element is present when we cook and make food. Without these awesome elements food just would not be the same. It would be boring and have no real meaning accept to feed our hunger. Food having purpose and meaning is what makes it special and worth the time and effort. In my family food means family. When preparing a meal you get to spend quality time in the kitchen and enjoy each other’s company. Cooking is a way for us to teach each other new tradition that can be passed on to new generations. Food also means family because once the meal is prepared we sit down as a family and eat. We socialize and share memories. Food is a way to bring the family closer together and bond. Home is a place that is comfortable and safe. Food has many ways to represent home. Food is generally eaten at home in our family there for it is common and comfortable and makes you think of home. When you are away from home certain foods you eat can remind you of homebecause it is a food you would have eaten at home. This reminder can give you comfort and help with the homesickness. And when a person is grown it is that certain smell that brings back the child hood memories of home that have been forgotten. When your world is upside down and you feel all is lost a good home cooked mean can bring you back to reality and show you that you can find comfort with family and return home for a pick me up. Food is a great way to show you how important home really is. One of the biggest influences I have found is happiness. When one of my family members or I am having a bad day one great meal can make it all better. One example of this I can remember is when I was younger I was having a really bad day and my mom made me pancakes and made a smile face on the top and I automatically felt better. Food can feel an empty stomach and make you feel so much happier. Also...
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