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Topics: Nutrition, Hamburger, Fast food restaurant Pages: 1 (786 words) Published: October 28, 2014

The dark side of fast food Nowadays a problem of fast food is widespread all over the world. Fast food restaurants are situated almost in every country. The most popular of them are McDonald’s, Burger King’s, KFC restaurants. Even if it is easy to buy and cheap, the health risks outweigh the five minutes of satisfaction that fast food brings. One should carefully think before they eat fast food because there is disadvantages in the fast food. The health risks that come from eating so much fast food are life-threatening. Obesity can come from eating fast food that’s bought often. Fast food is made from a lot of high saturated fats and calories if it isn’t work off, then you can grow to become obese. “Burger King’s Triple Whopper with cheese has an amazing 1,230 calories. Hardies Monster Thickburger has 1,420 calories and 2,770 grams of sodium. Carl’s Jr.’s Double Six hamburger has 1,520 calories and 111 grams of fat. Most people need only 44-66 grams of fat per day, and most of them should come from sources like nuts, fish, and olive oil” (Juicy Facts About . . . Fast Food). This is a prime example on how people can consume so many calories, and without even knowing. Obesity isn’t the only risk, because heart disease is also a prime factor. “The American Heart Association recommends a maximum of no more than 2 grams of trans fat per day. A person should eat no more than 1,000-3,000 mg of sodium per day. Men need about 2,700 calories a day, while women need about 2,000 per day.” (Juicy Facts About . . . Fast Food). When you eat all of the fats, sugars, and salts, your heart can grow weak and it will endanger you. There is no safe risk for your body when it comes to eating fast food. Food-borne illnesses can come from out fast food. What most people don’t know is the conditions the animals are living in before they’re killed. Cows are being hung upside, pigs and chickens are cramped in enclosed spaces. Inside the facility, the animals are beaten once more to be...
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