Fast Food

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Five Paragraph Essay
Fast Food
Why are people, in recent years, switching to fast food restaurants? Could it be that they purely just enjoy fast food? I believe there are three goals that consumers attempt to balance when deciding what and where to eat. In recent years, consumers have switched to fast food because of social pleasure, eating pleasure, and lifestyle support.

The first goal that consumers attempt to balance when deciding what and where to eat is social pleasure. Consumers gain pleasure and acceptance when eating and interacting socially. In restaurants, people can gather with family members for socialization. Fast food dining also enables people to renew and strengthen friendships. They also dine in restaurants to sometimes celebrate special occasions. Also, fast food dining lends itself to instant satisfaction for hungry children, as well as peer socialization on the indoor playgrounds. For years, business associates have gathered at fast food restaurants for a combination of socialization blended with business interaction. Social pleasure is one reason for adults to dine in fast food restaurants. The second goal that consumers attempt to balance when deciding what and where to eat is eating pleasure. Many of the advertisements on television are aimed at making the fast food appealing to the eye and stomach. Pictures of the product and the satisfied consumer demonstrate the enjoyment found in eating. Also, consumers eat to satisfy their craving for a particular food. This is why the public can see and purchase the diversity of the foods that are

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offered. Eating pleasure includes high quality food designed for taste appeal. If the consumer feels that they are receiving high quality food at a quickened pace, they will continue to come back and keep the cycle going. I believe that eating pleasure is the most important goal in deciding what and where to eat.

The final goal that consumers attempt to...
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