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Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Food Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Who is to blame on the overweight of children? Throughout the years, America's growing weight problem has been a big issue. In the article "The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home", the author Daniel Weintraub states that a public health group in California has asked the governor to declare childhood obesity a state of emergency. Many blame the fast food businesses while others blame the consumers (parents). I believe it is the consumers’ fault on the issue we have with the growing weight problem. Parents are to blame due to the fact that they let their kids eat unhealthy foods when they should be supervising where and what they eat.

Children being overweight emerged into a big issue that most of America has become a widespread obesity epidemic. The two main reasons people have decided to blame the issue on are the fast food industries and the parents. Fast food industries are blamed every time but it is not their fault at all. Yes, they promote their fast food repeatedly but that is their job they have to do. I believe it is the parents fault on the issue we have with the weight problem. Parents are not forced to buy their children fast food, they have a choice whether to buy it or not.

According to the author Daniel Weintraub, parents need to understand and accept their role in fighting their children’s obesity problem. I completely agree with the author because what he states is true, parents are the ones responsible for their children’s health issues, weight, and exercise. Parents need to take responsibility and teach their kids healthy exercising and eating habits. Most parents let their children choose whatever they want to eat and without knowing what is best for them, they choose fast food. Parents are the ones responsible for their children’s obesity because they are the ones who watch over their children.

Parents need to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility to protect their children from eating...
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