Fast Food

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Health care Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Barack Obama

Two presedential candidates and many different issues between them. Both candidates have much to offer, but which will offer more to the country. Barack Obama has much to offer and has many good ideas to help better our economy and better everyones ideology in what the beleive. President Barack Obama's ideas will benefit us all, weather you are rich or poor, middle class or upper class it will benefit us. His ideas will help the working class and will put many people back into work. Barack Obama's ideas for social policy, economic policy, and educational policy will benefit the working class and middle class and will eventually better the country.

Barack Obama deals with many issues having to do with health care. Health care has gone from being an economic problem to a social problem and sometimes even both. Barack Obama has determined himself to make it possible for every citizen in the United States to have health care or medical insurance. He has tried to make it affordable with his health care reform law. Everyone would be able to afford it. In 2010 he made the reform act so everyone could afford the coverage they need it. Who wanted workers to be able to attain it at low cost. People who make the top poverty level of the country would be able to be eligible for subsides. Not only this but having health care has become a right in Barack Obama's mind. He stated in one of his speeches, "...I think health care should be a right for every American...", health care a right might sound crazy but it's something that Barack Obama thinks should be a right. Not many people can afford health care and having it being made a right is a way how everyone can obbtain health care. Health care is a neccesaty and is a real important issue for Barack Obama.

Our goverment has been spending a lot of borrowed money and they don't pay it back with the money they make. Us as citizens have to pay for these debts that the country has put themselves in. It's not...
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