Fast Food

Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Obesity Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: March 16, 2013

In the busy and hectic schedule of modern times, people have no time to prepare nutritious food during the day. They have to walk out early in the morning and spend most of the time at workplaces. Thus, they have to depend on the instant foods that are available in restaurants and hotels. This is the prime choice of youngsters for the delicious and tempting taste of junk food. In spite of dangers of fast food, they appeal to everyone’s appetite irrespective of the age. These processed foods are also rich in carbohydrates and fats.

Fast Food Risks

Like every rose has a thorn, the fast foods, also called "junk food" or "instant food" have their bad effects too. Sometimes, because of its easy availability and their delicious taste, people especially the teenagers, get hooked on to it. If we consume fast food on a regular basis, then it can be hazardous to health. Foods like noodles, wafers, pastries, pizzas etc. lack nutritious value. They are deficient in vitamins, protein and/or minerals, but rich in sodium and other harmful additives. This leads to diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiac problems, clogged arteries, reduced bone strength and many other health related problems. For someone who consumes these in excess, it may lead to acidity and liver failure due to the high amount of fat, salts and oil in it. Too much of junk food on a regular basis can make an individual overweight due to the extra calories hidden in those foods. It affects the concentration levels in studies and other activities too.
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