Fast Food

Topics: Food, Hamburger, Fast food restaurant Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: January 7, 2013
The fast food industry has been growing more and more every year.  There is a fast food restaurant in every corner.  Since fast food is becoming so popular more and more people chose to go to a fast food restaurant daily. Fast food is a continuing growth industry in our country. Fast food restaurants continue to increase their popularity by lowering their prices and providing faster service for their customers. There is a huge competition between fast food restaurants and how they advertise can effect the business. There are many reasons as to why fast food has become so popular. One of the main causes is the simplest of them all, laziness.             One of the main causes for the popularity of fast food is advertisement.  There are fast food restaurants being advertised of billboards, at some schools, on the internet, and on television.  Most fast food advertisements are directed to young people because they are easily persuaded.  According to Haugen, young people in America are bombarded with advertising every day.  A young person does not usually think of their health or other important factors that could become of eating fast food constantly, they just think that it’s what they want because they saw it on the television.  Haugen states, “Marketers reach them through commercials on television and also through ads in magazines, on billboards, on the internet and even in the bathroom stalls at school” (Haugen 2008).  It seems that there is no escape from fast food marketing for children.  It is everywhere they turn.  It is sad that advertisement companies have found so many ways to get to children to make them want to consume their product because for most of them it results in obesity.  One of the most successful advertisement products comes with the kid’s meal, the toy.  Many children insist on their parents buying them that meal, from that particular fast food restaurant, because they want the toy that comes with the kid’s meal. Since fast food has...
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