Fashion Victims

Topics: Fashion, Fashion victim, Clothing Pages: 9 (2463 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Module: “Basic English”.
Unit: “Clothes/Fashion/Style”.
Theme: “Fashion victims”.
Problem: Factors that make people buy things they don’t need. Factors that make people to look ordinary, like anybody else. Idea of the project: If someone wants to change the world by buying clothes it doesn’t work. It’s better to change his/her personality to be in harmony with others. While trying to be fashionable, people loose themselves and become fashion addicted (so called “fashion victims”). It’s better to dress in the way they like, but not just to follow the crowd. Aim: to attract people’s attention towards existing problem, to have it solved, and to find the way out. Objectives:

* To research different resources about fashion;
* To make a discussion about fashion and inspire a sustainable response to it; * Find the causes of appearing this problem;
* Find the negative impacts;
* Try to find the solution of this problem.
Competences: lingua – cultural, socio- cultural, professional – oriented (informative – searching, analytical, forecasting, creative modeling, reflexive – developing). Stages:
* Describing what means “fashion victim” mean;
* Typical signs of a fashion victim;
* Victims of fashion history;
* Famous fashion victims;
* The causes of the phenomenon;
* Fashionable vs. stylish;
* How to become fashionable and stylish;
* Literature.

Solving the problem:
* Doing the right research: fashion magazines, blogs.
* Taking someone’s look as a general idea, but not copying all the details; add something from you. * Picking the trends that you like for that season and adapt them to your own style. * Going shopping with friends and listening to their opinion. * Learn how to do the make-up.

Result: make a project work.
Additional themes:
* Being fashionable
* Different trends-different styles
* Fashion designers

Fashion Victim is a term claimed to have been coined by Oscar de la Renta that is used to identify a person who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style. Eventually, the term evolved to include anyone who is fashion-challenged. This includes people who do not jump on every new fashion trend, but simply do not know how to choose cuts and colors that flatter their own figures and features. These people may think they are disguising a feature they dislike when they are actually accentuating it. For example, a woman may wear baggy clothing in an attempt to hide extra weight, but this can actually make her look bigger when a more tailored cut would make her appear slimmer. Other fashion victims simply ignore style all together. They wear whatever is comfortable, inexpensive or easy, without regard to appearance or garment quality. They may not consider whether the colors or patterns on various clothing and accessory pieces go well together and may have no interest in whether their clothing is flattering to them or not. Fashion victims are victims because they are vulnerable to faddishness and materialism, two of the widely recognized excesses of fashion, and consequently are at the mercy of society's prejudices or of the commercial interest of the fashion industry, or of both. According to Versace, "When a woman alters her look too much from season to season, she becomes a fashion victim.” "A fashion victim is literally a slave to fashion," says Tom Ford, who has seen his fair share of casualties during his 25-plus years in the business. "The clothes wear him instead of the other way around." Dean Caten of Dsquared takes it a step further, seeing victims as junkies fiending for the latest fad. "Addicts overdose," he says. There are degrees of victimhood. The least offensive is probably the Logo Whore, the guy whose self-esteem is pegged to the number of designer labels he's promoting. Next in line is the Mannequin Mimic, who dresses from head to toe in a single brand. Still worse is the Character Actor,...
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