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Fashion Stylist
Fashion is a factor in this world, without it there simply wouldn’t be life. When one thinks of “fashion,” the first thing that probably pops into mind is clothing. Yet fashion is clothing, it is also so much more than that. Fashion is how people choose to live their lives, how people express themselves; it is the outward expression of a new idea, which is how business thrives. The business of fashion begins with one single idea; the idea can be something as random and spontaneous as, say a lampshade. With this idea, the designers, the creators of fashion clothing, will take this idea and their creative minds to design an article or collection of clothing that all relates to a lampshade. These designs must to relate to women’s and men’s life-style in today’s time in order for the trend to blossom. The designs will then be advertised at fashion shows; if the designs appeal to the public eye, then the collection of clothing will continue on further. This is where the workers of fashion marketing and merchandising take place, they will take the collection of clothing and sell it to retail stores all around the world. Finally, what makes this collection well-known, is the fashion stylists, they buy and style the particular collection to fit the everyday life-style of a particular client. This is how fashion revolves around everyday life. An individual who researches the career of a fashion stylist will see how all of this unfolds in much greater detail, along with the job description, training needed, salary, education, schooling, nature of work, and advantages and disadvantages of the career. One will be much more knowledgeable and wiser when it comes to determining a career path.

To start off, the life and times of a fashion stylist can be a rewarding, challenging, and beneficial if the individual is passionate about fashion. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, “the employment of those working in clothing, accessories, and general merchandise stores is expected to grow by 11 percent over 2008-2018”. This is useful information because the public eye has created a stereotype that fashion is one of the worst careers to major in. Fashion stylists are responsible for putting together clothing ensembles to meet demands of specific clients. Says Elissa Santis, stylist of Teen Vogue, “a good stylist thinks of the big picture, it’s almost like producing a movie, casting, hair, makeup, location all of these ingredients are essential to bring clothes and accessories to life.” This is one way to describe the career of a fashion stylist, but what does it take to become a fashion stylist? Unless one was related to Dianna Vreeland, (famous fashion editor of Harper’s Bazzar in 1936) it would be difficult for one to go directly into fashion styling and be successful. One must have a real passion and desire to achieve the position of a fashion stylist. First, the individual must obtain an internship in a fashion industry, whether that is a magazine company, or a retail store. If the individual has not lost passion after interning, they will then be hired as a stylist apprentice, which is where the individual will finally start getting paid. Finally, the last position you must obtain before achieving the career as a fashion stylist is a fashion stylist assistant, you will work shoulder to shoulder with a fashion stylist, ,learning the ropes with a professional which can be beneficial to your education in the industry. One can then start working towards a fashion stylist position. The best advice to achieving these positions according to Jillian Davison stylist of Harper’s Bazaar is, “leave a lasting impression when applying for fashion jobs; before I interviewed at Harper’s Bazaar, I blew a lot of money on a fabulous pair of fuchsia shoes, and to this day I’m remembered for them.” Since there is a high demand for this career, depending on where one is living, the completion can either be minimum or high....
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