Fashion Photography

Topics: Photography, Vogue, Gender Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Photography is very important for fashion industry. Because people always buy clothes which have attractive looking. Purpose of fashion photographers is make clothes and models look charming. So fashion photographers is leading this industry in the first place; moreover, they are more effective than fashion designers. And one of the best fashion photographers in this world is Steven Meisel. He has special style and talent. We can easily see that in his photos. Well, What makes his photo that charming and why he is so successful ?

In the first photo, we are seeing five models. This is style of Steven Meisel. He generally uses more than one model in his photos. So he is giving more than one option to customers. And Customers can see more clothes and style. He plans on to show ‘’Dream Woman’’ and perfection. Because of that his models are looking amazing and they have confidence. Their skins look shiny and they are posing magnificent. As we see the red color on clothes is the color of sexuality. And red and black are making high contrast together. He always choices different backgrounds, this is his another marked style. And in this photo we are seeing horse barn. This makes it his photos special. If we talk about his photography technique, there is no shadow and blur, brightness is high.

In the second photo, we are seeing two models in gas station. Same theme, we are seeing different background and more than one model. Whole photo is in complete harmony. Even the shoes and lines on the car are matching. This photo is more colorful than other photo and brighter. Everything is shiny and glamorous. Models are not looking feminine like in the other one, they look more masculine. Because of that they seem more powerful. Also we are seeing sky and this is representing freedom. It all represent ‘’high fashion women’’. In this way Steven Meisel shows us the perfection of a dream woman.

To sum up, Steven Meisel presents us on his photos, what fashion wants to...
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