Fashion: Match Fixing and Sport

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The topic on which I have done my 2 nd year’s project work is the role of the media in bringing out corruption cases from the field of sports. I have worked really hard on this project and I hope you will like it. I owe a great many thanks to all the people who have helped me and supported me throughout my period of project work. Firstly, my deepest thanks to my professors Mrs. Moulisri Chakraborty and Mrs. Srabani Roy, the guides of my project for guiding and correcting all my documents with attention and care. They have taken the pains to go through my project and make the necessary corrections as and when needed. Their constant support and fair criticism has helped me a lot. I would also express my deep sense of gratitude to Ms. Shreya Sen, correspondent at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ms. Amrita Guha Roy, Online and magazine Editor of Football World for giving me a chance to interview them. Their opinions have given me lots of facts and data which helped me to proceed with my work. I would also like to thank my family members and my friends Rilina Kanjilal, Shubham Dasgupta, Ninnita Saha and Arghya Bardhan without whom this project would have been a distant reality. My heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped me. Without their support and encouragement, I would not have been able to finish my work. Thank you.


Aims and Objectives
     To bring light on the recent corruptions in the field of sports. How the media has covered the case studies taken into account Whether the information brought out by the media was sufficient enough To bring the essence of media in the world of sports. What can be done to make sports a corruption free field

The main result that I have been searching for is the role of the media in bringing out corruption cases from the field of sports. Whether the coverage done by the media was sufficient enough or whether the reader or the common mass feels that a more detailed information would have been more helpful. Also, after having coming to know of the reality what exactly does one feel regarding the sporting arena.

Research Methodology Content Analysis
The information used in the making of the project have been adopted and accumulated from various online news media sources. I have taken into account the vivid dexcription of four major case studies namely:- (i) Hansie Cronje and the match-fixing scandal, (ii) Italian Serie A scandal, (iii) The spot-fixing scandal of Pakistan cricket and (iv) The Commonwealth Games scandal. I will analyze all the reports that I find regarding the said topic and also try to analyze the angle that a report contains.

I will do a survey that I shall conduct amongst 50 people approximately with their views on the topic and around 10 questions related to the topic. I will try to select people of different ages so that I get the opinion from all kinds of people. It shall be a close ended questionnaire with a maximum of 3 options for each question and I shall also bring up the survey diagrammatically with the help of a pie chart at the end of the project

I shall interviews two experts who are either related or have knowledge on the topic.


Primary and Secondary Sources
The primary and secondary sources of this project are newspapers, internet, books, general people, and views of experts on the topic.


Corruption in sport is not a new phenomenon. The earliest recorded case, at the Olympic Games in 388BC, details how Eupolos of Thessalia bribed three of his competitors in a fighting tournament allowing him to win a gold medal. Over time, cases of corrupt behaviour in sport have become more widespread, reaching every part of the world and across every sport. A few notable examples are the 1919 Chicago White Sox who took bribes from gamblers in the World Series that year, the East German doping scandal in the 1970s, where hundreds of athletes and swimmers...
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