Fashion in 20 Years

Topics: Third World, Fashion Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Erika Annalisa Sagh

20 years of change?

The over abundance in brands, the constant development for new products and the continual demand for innovation in style, will certainly remain relevant in 20 years as much as it does today. Fashion will develop quickly in the fields of production development and undoubtedly work forward instead of reliving the passed. However, the most intriguing changes in the fashion world within the next 20 years will be noticeable in the domains of manufacturing and sustainable revitalization of products and how they will connect.

In application of the current European crisis it is clear that people are becoming more conscious of where there money is being spent and how they can possibly save more wisely. The morality behind the importance of helping and supporting your own economy will forever remain, though whether it will be practiced may technically be but a theory. Western cultures will continue to seek cheap manufacturing alternatives in second and third world countries, because it offers the possibility to over-produce and support the fast fashion addiction. As the evolution in economy triggers a direct growth within the field of manufacturing, the everlasting demand for innovating and luxurious goods will incline as well. These points all aid in allowing actual consumption within the coming years to multiply from its current state. If the future predicts to experience a noticeable growth of consumers, rising to approximately 1.8 billion, it would be of no surprise that more brands will emerge and companies will be looking into producing their garments and products more quickly to feed the demand. The demand will undoubtedly create an abundance of opportunities for the fashion industry, as developments in style, textile and processing will be forced to transpire. However, as a state for humanity these so called windows of opportunities will possibly not create revolutionary changes.

Accounting China’s current...
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