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No one could have a accurate and comprehensive definition of the two terms “fashion icon” & “fashion leader” in the past decade while these two new words appear frequently in the fashion world today. However, it seems that these have their own significance and concept in two different cultural perspectives. The propose of this research is to answer the question what does the “fashion icon” & “fashion leader” mean respectively in U.K. and China and what causes the difference understanding of it, which may influence the development of the fashion world in the future. Literature research, personal interviews and internet surveys are the methods that I used to explore this study which could get in-depth, comprehensive, professional and the newest information. In addition, what I found out from this study research is to the different culture leading to the difference structure of the society. And having a different form of the society, the rules of the life, the things the public pursue, the place people is looking forward to,the lifestyle the mass being willing to enjoy is not the same. This is a big topic to discuss, but we can start from the small point. Let’s go back to the fashion world to talk about the different concept of the two terms, “fashion icon” & “fashion leader”.


A big wave of new word have been appeared these years to describe the new things invented with the development of the modern fashion world; e.g. chic, buyer, disco, stylist...The term “fashion icon ” is thrown around too much these days. It is obvious that “fashion icon” is the most popular term which will be mentioned in today’s fashion world. However, the meaning of the new term is different in eastern and western culture. What cause the phenomenon and what difference meaning included with the similar word “fashion leader”is the key point of the research to explore. The definition of fashion is quite complexed which is the value or life style in a period. It is proposed by some small sort of people. And then the public respected and followed. The range of fashion is very wide, including making-up, clothing, dressing, behavior, sense of identifying, feeling and even thoughts. Not every one can follow a correct direction of popularity for fashion. Fashion could be in a limited scope instead of in a very large scale. Majority have a difficulty about fashion which leads them to follow some pioneers . At this time these person and organization shows their importance to the mass. Having an essence of fashion reflects their own tastes which makes “fashion icons” &”fashion leaders” become some popular these days. To analysis the complexities of the adaption curve into account from two different culture is an essential problem. PROBLEM STATEMENT/ Research Question:

• What is “fashion icon” in UK? What is “fashion leader” in UK? What is the relationship between “fashion icon” and “fashion leader”? • What is “fashion icon” in China? What is “fashion leader” in China? What is the relationship between “fashion icon” and “fashion leader”? • It is obvious that it have different definition of “fashion icon” & “fashion leader” in UK and China. What factors influenced it? • Will it cause the development of the fashion world in the future? • What other aspects could be related with the difference? Research Objectives and Aims:

1. Aim: To investigate the factors that leads to the difference description of the two new terms in fashion. 2. Objective:
• The information will be extracted from some well-known fashion insiders’ opinions which have been reported to the public. • Questionnaire will be distributed to various types of people, then to collect and count the result of the responses. • To analysis the consequence of all the information of both British fashion area and Chinese fashion area, distinguish the main factor of it.

Literature Review

International aim is fast...
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