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Nowadays, bags were treated as a fashion accessories and necessities. Bag manufacturing industry is vastly influenced by fashion trends. Tastes of consumer are always looking for something new. Bags are adorned with embellishment of hardware accessories like metal studs, tassels, buckles, zips, beads, embroidery, ribbons, etc. The adornment is fashion driven and the “bling’ value increases or decreases with changing taste of people The Company

Fashion Hub is a general and limited type of partnership. Elaine Bengco and Hazel Dasco are the one who’s responsible in performing the functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the work of other manager and Benaliza Mae Yumul assumes legal debts and obligation. RonallisaFonatanilla is encharged to the marketing plan of the company and Michelle Balajarjia are the limited partners of the company who enjoy the rights to the partnership’s cash flow, but not liable for company’s obligation. Products

Every consumers has unlimited desire they are always searching for the new designs. Fashion Hub is the proposed product of the group, this is a bag that is different from usual bag. Fashion Hub is an eco-friendly, good quality product that will satisfy each and everyone wants and needs.

The Market
The ideal consumer are students, teenagers, housewife and even the adults who are typically working , studying and pass by Poblacion, Sta. Maria ,Bulacan that have an allotted budget for their bags and also the residents of the barangay.

Financial Considerations
The startup capital will come from each of the partner’s saving. The general partner contributes P5, 000.00 and the limited partners contribute P2, 000.00 each. 50% of the capital loan from a bank for additional capital

1.1 Mission
The mission of the company is to promote environmental handmade bags. This will concentrate on provoking people to patronize recycled products at a very reasonable price with high quality. Fashion Hub aims to lessen waste materials by using 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle) and to increase company’s role in relation to social responsibility and to provide customer’s needs.

1.2 Key to Success
Key to success for Fashion Hub will include:
* Affordable Price
* The price of our products will encourage the consumers to purchase because it has a low price that suits to your packet. * Good Ambiance
* The place our business is definitely clean and for sure you will like to stay longer. * Better Services
- We are also reachable by online to those online users.
* Environmental friendly
The bags are made by recyclable materials to prevent the used of harmful chemicals.

Company Summary
Fashion Hub is a one stop shop where you can buy bags that have high quality. The bags that are going to made in our company is surely high fashion and the customers can design or customize their own bags based on their taste. The company is committed to the goal of the organization to protect the environment which is why our products are definitely eco-friendly. Our store will be located in the center of the city of Sta. Maria that nearby to school. And we assure our customers to enjoy our products. 2.1 Company Ownership

Fashion Hub is equally owned by its five partners
2.2 Pre- Operating Activities
As a new company, partners will make sure that they follow the usual business operation procedures such as gathering legal documents needed by the firm to legalize the business; Barangay Clearance, granted by Barangay Captain of Barangay Poblacion, Contract lease, Sanitary Permit, Health Permit, BIR Certificates, Social Security System, DTI Permit and Security and Exchange Commission Registration for partnership before the issuance of the Business Permit.

Market Analysis Summary
Fashion Hub focus is on meeting the demand of the consumer like students, teenagers, housewife and even the adults who are...
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