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The Hero in Lyrics and Fashion
The character of the lyric, “No Such Thing” by John Mayer, is a confident individual who is striving to be different from the majority whom abandoned individuality. The character shows his confidence by stating, “I’d like to think the best of me.” His statement displays that other people’s opinions do not startle him. The line, “They love to tell you stay inside the lines,” criticizes the society’s standard which forces the majority of people to abandon their individuality. To contradict the standard of the society, he states, “Something is better on the other side,”in which he believes that individuality is better. Objective of the character is enforced by the line, “you got to rise above,” saying that the character will rise above the issue. Overall, he wants to grow up distinguishably to show the other people that his notion was right and this idea was described in the lyrics, “I just can’t wait for our ten year reunion,” and “you will all know what all this time was for.” (169) diction punc pron error rep svar fragmented quote awk wdy

Heroic elements of the character of the lyric are his confidence and his courage to do what the majority won’t. The character does not want to be in the majority described in the lyrics as, “so called right track,” and wants to construct his ideal standard to pursue. Courage is needed to stand out from the ideal standard because opposing the popular opinion is looked down upon. He maximizes his confidence by saying, “I am invincible,” in which he announces that nothing can hurt him or stop him. Believing in himself and opposing to the majority represents the true heroism of the character with courage and confidence. (102) diction rep awk punc pass vers wdy

The model’s imaginary name is Tom and the first impression of him is that he is confident and carefree. Tom’s beige colored hat not only cloaks his hair but also his ears. By concealing his eyes with a black sunglass, Tom...
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