Fashion as a Medium of Communication

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Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, the function of fashion as a medium of communication is becoming of a new significance for modern society. Introduction.
Clothing has always had place in society. Ever since the primitive society people were dressing for variety of reasons: at first, simply to cover naked parts of human bodies, to protect one from bitter frost or extreme heat; centuries later--to become an indicator of one’s well-being and social position, a sign of royalty and the rich or poverty. Before the Industrial Revolution of the 18th--19th centuries, that had profound effect on almost all aspects of daily life, the importance attached to the way people dress was huge--it defined the rights and responsibilities of social classes, their status, their behaviour. OOOOOOOOO However, after all new technology made it simpler and more affordable for the prevailing middle class to get clothing, that function of fashion started to lose its original meaning. OOOOOOOTALK ABOUT FASHION AS MEDIUM OF CMN

In this paper my goal is to define fashion’s characteristic as a medium of communication, and in order to accomplish my goal I want to look at 1) what is my understanding of the medium of communication in comparison to some scholar’s comprehension, and what the actual meaning of the word “fashion”, 2) the functions of the dress and how its functions were changing over time.
“Medium” and “Medium of communication”.
There is dozens of definitions of the word “medium”. Most dictionaries define it similar to the Cambridge dictionary “medium--noun ( METHOD ) /ˈmiː.di.əm/ (plural media or mediums) a method or way of expressing something”, which by itself is a very general idea (Cambridge dictionary) For example, a cry is a medium , i.e. it is a method by which one is expressing his or her sadness or misery. Another example in this case would be a punch as a medium, i.e. it is a way of expressing someone’s moral weakness. But if I would like to...
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