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Fashion trends are crucial in the life of a city teen. Being fashionable is important because first of all it’s a good first impression on others. It’s another form of expression. Also being fashionable makes a person feel good about them selves. Teens want to be fashionable and grab people’s attention. Teenagers they want to be popular and they do so by dressing up fashionably. The first thing someone notices about another person is their clothing, their external image; clothing is a part of this. Clothing can leave a good or bad first impression on someone depending on their taste but most people would like to see a well put together, clean, trendy, and fashionable person. These types of people leave a good impression on people unlike those who look unkempt, dirty, and disheveled. Would you like to give someone a first impression of being sloppy or clean/neat? Clean and neat right, so fashion is crucial in the life of city teens because teens would like to leave a good first impression on people and not the opposite. For example, for girls if you were going on a first date with someone you’d want to see a neat and clean date not a sloppy and untidy date. First impressions are everything because if you leave a bad impression on someone its likely for that person to not be interactive with you but if you leave a good impression then you guys would be friends and interact with each other a lot more. Self Expression, Fashion is just another form of self-expression. People can be free by the way they dress. They can choose. They can choose to wear bright colors or dark. They can choose to wear revealing clothes or modest clothing. There are no limitations let on fashion therefore there are no limits on self-expression through fashion. Just like hair, makeup, and gestures. The way people dress tells others a lot about the person’s personality, likes, etc. For example is someone were to wear sweatpants, running shoes, baggy shirts, and overly...
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