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What is Fashion All About?
What is it with fashion? It’s something that we all deal with everyday. From birth to old age, the way we dress says something about each and every one of us. Even those people who say that fashion doesn’t matter to them, still have to choose what they wear every day. Fashion says a lot about who we are and how we are feeling. One thing that is guaranteed is that fashion is always changing. We are always being subjected to new trends everywhere we look! Magazines, what the stars are wearing, movies and television, and people that we are in contact with on a daily basis may influence what is “hot” and what is “not”. A little known fact about fashion is that after the movie, Men In Black premiered, the sunglass company, Ray Ban, practically doubled its sales. Many people have a hand in the fashion trends of today, and we wonder who really does dictate fashion trends. Rock Musicians, TV Stars, and Supermodels are among the trendsetters. In today’s society, political figures and royalty, such as Duchess Kate, are among those we watch to see what they are wearing. Princess Diana was also considered a fashion icon, what she wore and where she wore it was daily news. Even hundreds of years ago women would pour over fashion magazines for insight into the clothes that were trending at that time. King Louis XIV was a well known fashion connoisseur. His tastes ran toward the extreme from velvets and rich brocades, to handmade laces! The kind of clothes you wear reveal a lot about a person. Sometimes it reveals the “group” you are in. For instance in high school these groups have names like “goth,” “skaters,” “popular,” and the “outsiders”. This is a stereotype, but it happens in high schools all over the country. If you were to look at a person you might be able to tell what his occupation was by the way he dressed. For instance, a person wearing a suit and tie might be a businessman, a person dressed all...
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