Topics: Fashion design, Milan, Dolce & Gabbana Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Fashion summed up is an individual statement or expression. But, Fashion can mean lots of different things for different people. So if fashion means different things for different people there should be many different fashion styles right? Well your right and here are some of them named Boho,Feminine ,Chic,Couture,Elegant ,Bold,Sporty,Glam,Sophisticated,School Girl (prep style),Nautical ,Goth ,Emo,Earthy,Polished,Urban,Classic,Statement,Festival,Vintage and Hipster. The pros and cons of fashion are *People will respect and reject you based on your fashion. *Your fashion will give you more confidence because you can find your own unique style that represents you! Fashion allows people to give them their own expression. Give them a voice when they feel they don’t have one it’s a gateway of expression. THE TRENDS OF 2013Double shot hues of monochrome black and white, Statement (that is, VERY BIG) vintage jewellery, Bermuda shorts are a summer must have, Blue eye shadow is back (yep, you better believe it!),trends blue eyes, Blue eye shadow is making a comeback, Sequinned and short cocktail dresses, Pencil skirts (Mad Men still has a lot to answer for),Orange/red lips, not the usual blue-red lips we've been seeing, trends pencil, orange, sequin,Emerald green (and mint) have become, dare I say, 'the new black' for 2013,Short suits,Sheeny and shiny fabrics,90s nostalgia - hello grunge!, Evening metallic or embellished 'cocktail' trousers, trends emerald pants shorts, The Blazer is still a chic option, Flatter heels with pointy toes and kitten heels are the go (bye, bye really chunky platforms!),Rich embroidered and jacquard prints, HUGE ruffles on shirts, jacket and dresses, trends blazer jacquard kitten, Metallic Shoes are big news, Bold candy stripes, not your little, weeny stripes, Bomber jackets, Metallic eye liner and heavier eyeliner and big lashes, trends metallic eyeliner, trends metallic eyeliner, Floppy berets or sock-like hats for winter wear,...
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