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Some personal qualities specified to fit a job in fashion include stamina, instability, pleasantness, creativity, and commitment. Stamina is an important trait to posses because the fashion industry requires long hours and even holidays to be worked. There are constant changes in the fashion world such as style. As time go by, the style being worn by people changes. One must be able to adjust to the changes. That aspect of the industry requires workers to have instability (Sones 14). Pleasantness is also a very important trait. Fashion deals with a lot of people from fellow workers to major buyers. An employee must be pleasant because he or she will have to deal with an extravagant range of people (Sones 15).hts, emotions, and creativeness. Fashion can tell many stories. It’s who you are and it can speak for. Some fashion designers work individually or in a team. The main goal of a fashion designer is to keep up with the styles and make their clothing appeal to consumers.

Fashion Designers have many duties such as Researching, sketching, choosing materials, looking at retail samples, and marketing. Before staring the designing process, the designers have to research current and future trends. After the designers find the trends, they come up with ideas and start sketching. They either sketch on paper or they use some type of designing software on a computer. They designers then go to fabric companies and decide on what kind of material and patterns they want. The designers then have seamstresses make a sample of the design from the fabric they chose. Lastly they designers show or market their designs at a fashion show. That’s where the retailers order what they want to have in their store. To become a Fashion Designer you have to complete basic art and design classes before they can enroll in a fashion design program. Fashion designers usually have to submit a portfolio that shows their artistic ability. Usually they also have to submit their high school...
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