Topics: Fascism, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Fascism is an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Benito Mussolini thought up the term in the 1920’s; he saw the term as a replacement for religion. There have been many governments that have been called fascist such as Germany under Hitler’s rule and others as well through history. Robbie Gennet tells of the fascist country the United States in his article “What Makes People Susceptible to Fascism”. Elizabeth Nichols types an article “America Is Not Becoming a Fascist State” in response to Gennets article. Both of the articles have valid points but both have holes in their arguments as well. I think the United States is not a fascist country but that it does have a few characteristics that resemble a fascist country.

Robbie Gennet starts off his article “What Makes People Susceptible to Fascism” by talking about how the mob controls everything and fear can control the mob. The article then continues to tell of the different regimes and how the dictators of those regimes used fear to control the mob and take power such as Adolf Hitler. Then the article then goes on to tell who, why, and when fascism was thought of. Benito Mussolini invented fascism as a replacement to religion. Gennet then goes on to say that corporations are controlling the United States. It then says that it controls the US in a variety of ways. He says media companies are connected to defense companies which in turn are connected to consumer product companies. He then refers to the companies as a multi head hydra. The hydra then comes together at the body for one all controlling company. Gennet goes on in his article to figure out what all fascism regimes have in common. Each one is numbered and has a back ground definition on why he believes they are the common things between the fascist regimes. Gennet continues his article by stating how fascism is used to start a war like the Iraq war. Then Gennet states that this war is fueled by...
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