Farmers Union Iced Coffee, Advertisement

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Farmers Union Iced Coffee was launched in 1977 by a group of dairy farmers who were creating a new recipe for the Royal Adelaide show. The milk beverage is Australia’s largest selling flavored milk and each year Australians consume in excess of 27 million litres of the beverage each year.

There are a few ideas and issues that are raised in the text that I can point out. I think that the idea of having an ad about the worlds history and issues while showing normal every day Australians playing out the roles and then able to hide the real message is a sensational advertisement.

The general idea in any advertisement is to try and increase the sale and popularity of a product. I have probably seen the Farmers Union ad a thousand times and never really paid much attention to it honestly not really knowing what they were going on about, but until I had actually taken the time to break it down and really think about it did I understand and give credit for how clever it was. I had an experience where I was in a shop with a mate who was looking to buy a drink, while looking at his options I pointed out a Farmers Union Iced Coffee and told him how I finally figured out what they were talking about on the television ad and explained it all out to him. When I told him each and every detail he came up with the decision to buy one, which then occurred to me that the ad was successful because when I saw the product it reminded me about how good the ad was which then led to me telling my friend who bought the product.

I do believe that the ad does have a negative side to it. Some of the scenes in the advertisement could be offensive to some viewers, for example, the Apollo 1 disaster in which all three of the crew aboard were killed in the fire, the feminist push in the 1970s where a man is seen burning a bra instead getting into the game of cricket which is on the TV. I think that it was a gamble to put these in the ad, they are only minor but could have...
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