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Farm Girl

By glowloves Aug 18, 2013 516 Words
Assignment 1.2: Summary and Personal Response-“Farm Girl” by Jessica Hemauer Gloria Warner
Professor Amy Williams
ENG115: English Composition
August 11, 2013

From reading the passage “Farm Girl” by Jessica Hemauer, helped me realize how easy I had it as a child. She has had big responsibilities all her life, and I myself was amazed on how she managed it all. The genre of this passage is a nonfiction narrative. She tells a true story about her life, and I never got bored reading this at all.

To begin, the writer starts by telling how she has to get up hours before school starts to do her chores on the farm. She is the youngest sibling out of three older brother and sisters. They all have the same morning routine. “We take our turns going down the steep, narrow steps, using the walls on either side for extra guidance.” Their father owns a farm where they have to help out before and after school. They have to walk through a cold blizzard just to get to the barn every morning to milk and feed one- hundred cows. To include, the writer just want to be a normal child like everyone else at school. She never gets to do school activities because she has to do her chores for the farm. “Not being able to participate in school activities like my friends makes me feel left out and depressed.” One day her father said that he wanted to expand his farm and no longer need their help, he wanted them to focus more on school. She participated in basketball, homecoming committee, president of student council, and even got a part time job at a restaurant in town. Everyone was amazed how she managed all her time so well. She still felt like she stood out from everyone else. “At school, teachers and organization leaders are impressed by my time management skills and the amount of responsibility I take on.”

In addition, I feel the writer’s purpose of this passage was to inform readers about her life as a farm girl. She wanted to explain the hardships and sacrifices she had to make to help with her father’s farm. Her tone was more depressing at first for all the things she had to do every day. She became more positive toward the end of the passage. The appropriate audience for this passage would be children in school or teens in high school. Children will never know how easy they have it, or some that can relate after reading this. Personally, I feel that she was a very strong girl to make such sacrifice. I know I hate getting up earlier than I have to.

To conclude, this passage was very interesting to read and I enjoyed every minute of it. I recommend any young student to read this passage. Even as college students we shouldn’t have any excuse to get our work done on time. This encourages me to have better time management skills.

* The McGraw-Hill Guide Writing for college, Writing for Life, Page 83

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