Farewell to Manzanar

Topics: Japanese American internment, Manzanar, Japan Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Farewell to Manzanar

Farewell to Manzanar is the story of a young Japanese girl who spends part of her childhood in a barbed wire camp trying to live a normal life. This book demonstrates how Jeanne Wakatsuki and her family fought to make it thought this harsh period of time at camp Manzanar. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, president Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which gave power to the war department to declare which people were possible risks to the United States. “FBI deputies had been questioning everyone, ransacking houses for anything that could conceivably be used for signaling planes or ships or that indicated loyalty to the Emperor” (What is Pearl Harbor? p.7). The command given by president Roosevelt indicated the removal of Japanese dwelling on the west coast and placing them on captivity camps while the war lasted. Jeanne Wakatsuki and her family were one of the many families who were relocated to this camp named Manzanar. Unfortunately Papa was arrested for being accused of delivering oil to Japanese submarines. Like papa many more Japanese fishermen were interviewed by the FBI for being suspects in helping the Japanese during WWII.

As a grownup Jeanne recalls Manzanar as the place where her life began and the place where her fathers life ended. When they first arrived at Manzanar they find a harsh living environment, poorly prepared food, partial barracks that weren’t complete, and swirling dusts that came in through every crack of the incomplete barracks. The truth was that the evacuation was done so rapidly and the camps were so briskly prepared that nothing was complete “and almost nothing worked” (A Common Master Plan, p.30). Also, there were problems with the lack of warm clothes, the bad food cooked that caused many Japanese to become ill, and the privacy of the latrines that caused humiliation to Jeanne’s mother and many other Japanese. Some families and couples were separated and placed in different blocks where it...
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