Farewell to Arms Essay

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Rain, A Farewell to Arms Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Luke Chacko
S. Lopez-7th period
English 3 AP
August 26, 2013
Symbolism Essay A Farewell to Arms
In the novel A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemmingway there are many symbols that apply to the characters and occur throughout the novel. Yet most of all, the weather, predominately the rain, occur in the novel and is a major symbol in accordance to the work and to the characters. In the real world rain represents depression, sadness, and many other negative things. Rain is used in other novels and in motion pictures to show when the protagonist is sad, or when something dreadful occurs. It reveals many things and it helps to understand a major theme and idea throughout the novel. This idea is how Catherine and Henry, no matter how strong a love they share, it will be full of pain and disappointment. The rain in the novel is a major symbol throughout the story and portrays to the reader the truth about the two lovers’ relationship. The rain occurs in the novel when the protagonist Henry is with his love Catherine Barkley, or when he a negative event happens in the story. The idea this rain portrays is that Henry and Catherine’s love for each other will be a sorrowful one full of pain. When Henry and Catherine say “‘Good-by’” and Henry is leaving for the front, “[he] step[s] out into the rain” which only begins to pour the night of his departure back to the war (Hemmingway 157). The hour of their farewell was when the rain began, showing how the rain is present at the time of sorrow in their relationship. It helps the reader by showing how the rain occurs when Henry and Catherine are thinking of one another. Another instance of rain occurring during an important time in their relationship is on the day they are going to leave for Switzerland. Henry “woke to hear the rain lashing the window-panes” and then the barman brings the news that Henry is to be arrested (Hemmingway 264). As they are fleeing a storm is raging, So during a harsh, threatening time in their...
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