Farewell Speech at High School Graduation

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Farewell speech sample from a highschool gratuation
Not many people can honestly say they really like school. Those who can, well, they’ll be at it for a long time. The rest of us however, are coming to a cross roads. We often hear the phrase, “Don’t think of it as an ending, but as a beginning.” Of course, we’ve also all heard, “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.” I say, no. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives. Today, we celebrate. We celebrate goodbyes, and farewells. We celebrate success, and failure. We celebrate friendships made and lost. We celebrate being in the top 71% of the country. We celebrate overcoming hardships, finding ways around school projects’, getting through that teacher no one likes, and you all know who I’m talking about, and of course, making it here today to receive our diploma. Many people will tell you that the journey begins here, but I say the journey began 4, 7, or 12 years ago. When we met each other, the journey began. We began to form relationships, to learn, to develop, and to work together. Today we say good bye to those people we met over the last twelve years. Some of them we’ll see again, some of us will continue to hang out over the summer. Some of us are leaving tomorrow for destinations, and new journeys, unknown to the rest of us. And some of us will always be here, in our home town, around the people who have supported us for so long. Even for them, today is a farewell. We say good bye to time spent in classrooms together. We say good bye to teachers we both loved and hated. We say good bye to locker buddies, and lunch groups, and band mates, and lab partners. And in so doing, we say hello to new adventures, new friends, or at least new interactions with friends past. So where we go from today is only our journey. No one else can make it for us. I know we all have a lot of “remember when’s”. Remember when we stood in front of the school, shivering because the fire alarm went off and only to...
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