Farewell Speech

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Welcome, everyone, to this very special occasion. And a bitter-sweet occasion it is to you. Actually, it's very sad for me to be saying goodbye to you.
I've stayed here for 2 weeks, but I feel like as if I've come here recently since I totally enjoyed my English study. I appreciate the opportunity to meet good teachers and nice students. Frankly speaking, the experience which I've had here is more memorable than I expected. This school is the fifth school that I have attended in the Philippines. Before I came here, I've studied In Pampanga, Baguio and Manila for about 6 months. And This school became my last school in the Philippines,

I'm proud of my decision on choosing this school as my last school because of it good environment . I was able to concentrate more on studying here than any other else.

Besides my English study, I've enjoyed my stay from beginning to end. It was a rewarding experience for me to be part in the activity last Friday. Especially, the general knowledge portion about phobias.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun that day.

As far as I know, I have to say that, this school is the best school I've ever gone. This school reminds me that studying English is enjoyable.
London branch is my home away from home.

Anyway, I know it's tough to speak English very well.
So as to keep things I've learned here in mind,
I intend to study away English after leaving here.

Thank you for your attention.
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