Farewell Speech

Topics: Education, Teacher, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Have I really been here 15 years? That sounds like a long time. I remember coming here with my brand new teacher kit. I was full of ideas, things to do to make a difference. I thought I was the teacher and you, the students were my pupils. How wrong I was. It took a while to understand for I was a reluctant learner. My head was so full of how things 'should be', there was very little room for how things 'were'. The gap in those early days between what I thought I needed to teach and what the students actually needed to learn was wide. There were times when bridging it was difficult. There were even times when it seemed impossible and I wanted to give up. My co-faculty has been kind in saying I gave a gift of myself; my energy, enthusiasm, honesty, respect and love, to you. But I want to turn that around and give it back, for this is precisely what I feel you have given me. I have been privileged to have had in my classroom many, many fine young people. 10 years ago some of them began to teach me how to teach. They helped me build the first bridges. From them I learned true teaching is a special partnership. It only really works when the teacher reaches beyond the outer image, looks into the heart, understands and respects what they see. The student's role is to allow themselves to be seen, not just for who they are, or have been, but also for who they could be. It is with gratitude that I look back. I entered a profession dedicated to assisting young people achieve their potential, to revealing or finding their best selves. As I leave it, I am taking many of you with me. You will live on in my memories. I'll always remember the things we achieved together: the many successful plays we put on, the speeches you gave, the debates and end of year concerts. After that, I’m going to fly in Singapore. There, I’m going continue my profession in teaching. I’ve been hired and will be sent by our institution there. I will help new young people like you. It’s a call of...
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