Farewell Speech

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A Journey by Train
A journey by train is the cheapest, comfortable and safe. Last Sunday I went to see my uncle at Rawalpindi. I got up early in the morning. I hired a rickshaw and reached the station. I bought a ticket. There was great rush at the platform. Every body was in a hurry. The train reached in time. I hurriedly boarded the train. Fortunately, I got comfortable seat near the window. The guard whistled and the train moved at 5 a. m. The train passed through the green fields, barren areas and mountains. Trees, buildings and mountains looked running backward. I saw different sights and landscapes. The train crossed many rivers and canals. At last, it arrived at 11 a. m. at Rawalpindi Railway Station. My uncle and cousin were present there to receive me. It was a good experience.

My Country
The name of my country is Pakistan. It is my home land. It is a Muslim country. It is founded by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It came into existence on August 14, 1947. it has four provinces. Punjab, Sindh, Frontier and Baluchistan. Every province has its own culture. The people of every province are recognized by their language and dress. But being Pakistanis, they all are one nation. Its national language is Urdu. The official language is still English. Its population is about 16 crore. It is an agricultural country. There are many rivers in it which irrigate its crops. Its main food crops are wheat, maize and rice. Its main cash crops are cotton, tobacco, and seeds. Its area is 310403 square miles. There are high mountains, vast plains and deep sea in it. India China and Afganistan are its neighbouring countries. There are many universities, colleges, and schools in it. It is making progress in industry quickly. May God keep my country in running condition!

My village
A.B.C is my village. It is situated on Lahore Faisalabad main road. It is 35 kilometers from Faisalabad. It is a large and big village. Its population is about 22,000. Most of the villagers are farmers. Some are factory workers. Some are government servants. The others do their own business. All the villagers are hardworking. They earn well. All are well to do. There are left only some kacha houses. The people of my village are very fond of learning. Except some, all the boys and girls go to school and colleges. There are two high schools in my village one for boys and one for girls. There are six shops in my village. There is a post office, a patwar-khana, an office of the union council and a dispensary in it. The agricultural land of my village is very fertile and rich. My village produces big crops every year. It is an important and beautiful village.

We have a nice, little tuck-shop in our school. It is run by Mr. Nazir. He is about 45. He is a gentleman. He is very polite to polite the students. Most of the students are known to him. He sells fruit, sweets, eggs, milk, tea and other edibles. We can buy cold drinks of many kinds and some stationary. Sometimes the students borrow things. He writes their names with date and amount in a register. He charges the reasonable prices. He sells the pure and No.1 things. The headmaster often tests and checks his things. He advises him to keep his things clean, fresh and pure. It is always a pleasure to pay a visit to it. Rich students frequently visit the shop while the poor now and then. Because it needs some money to visit his shop recess is the rush time of this shop. The shop keeper opens it before the school opens and closes it after the school time.

A farmer is the most important member of our society. He grows food and corn for us. He gets up with the first crow of the cock. He goes to the cattle shed. He feeds his cattle and milks the buffaloes. Then he says the morning prayers. He takes his breakfast and goes to fields. He works there till noon. Now he ploughs the fields. Then he sows the crops. At another...
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