FAQs on the CSO Engagement in FDS and FDS Plus

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FAQs on the CSO Engagement in FDS and FDS Plus

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Frequently Asked Questions on the CSO Engagement in FDS and FDS Plus: Updated September 13, 2012
Q: What is the DSWD-CSO Engagement?
A: The DSWD recognizes the vital role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), People’s Organizations (POs), non-government organizations and people’s organizations as partners of government in addressing the needs of the disadvantaged poor household beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, through continuing partnership and complementation of resources and services. Thus, to better implement the Program and to utilize the resources and manpower of CSOs, the DSWD opened the conduct of FDS and FDS Plus to the CSOs.  

Q: What is FDS?
A: The Family Development Session (FDS) serves as a venue where topics on effective parenting, husband and wife relationships, child development, laws affecting the Filipino family, gender and development and home management are being discussed. Through the FDS, parents are also informed of their rights as individuals as well as their obligations that they need to fulfil not only as husband and wife but also as parents. Attendance in the FDS is part of the conditionalities of the program to receive cash grants. There are three modules in conducting the FDS, namely: (1) Paglalatag ng Pundasyon ng Programang Pantawid Pamilya, (2) Paghahanda at Pangangalaga ng Pamilyang Pilipino, and (3) Partisipasyon ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Gawaing Pang Komunidad.   

Q: What is FDS Plus?
A: The FDS enables the households become socially aware, be involved and participate in community development activities, on the other hand, the FDS Plus was conceptualized to include a range of initiatives complementary to that of the FDS but was not included as conditions of the program. Currently, there are three types of FDS Plus. The...
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