Fantasy Baseball, a New Way to Enjoy the Game

Topics: Major League Baseball, Baseball, National League Pages: 4 (1665 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Eric Posey Posey 1 English 10
7 April 2012

Fantasy Baseball

Everyone loves baseball. They like to play it, coach it, and watch it. Some people don’t really have the time to be involved in the game as much as they would like, because it is time consuming. A baseball game averages about three and a half hours. Not too many people have that kind of time to sit and watch a game that lasts that long. I’m going to tell you how you can still be involved with Major League Baseball, without playing, coaching, or being a spectator. Fantasy baseball is a fairly new way to get into baseball like you have never before. It is so much fun to get your buddies involved, build Camaraderie, have the feeling of competition, get your gambling fix, and generally have a blast while playing it. It is a great hobby to have if you’re a big baseball fan, or you want to get to know the players really well. Basically, fantasy baseball is your own made up baseball team, selected by you, from real life baseball players in Major League Baseball. Online sites like Yahoo, ESPN, Fox Sports, have computer generated games, which play when the real players play every day. First, decide how many people you want to play with; It is best to play with ten. In general, it is better to have more players, so that the money pot will be bigger if you win. Some leagues are expensive. I’ve seen leagues that cost two hundred to get a team bid. If money isn’t your soul purpose for playing, there are free leagues you can join as well. Basically, you all should agree on how much money each person should to play with....
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